The best organic instant coffee- All ins and outs

We all face mood swings; the same is the case with energetic and chirpy mornings and wishing to sleep a few more hours.

Whether you wake up full of energy or get out of bed lazy, a cup of coffee boosts your energy and mood to kick start a perfect day.

Donna A. Favors has rightly painted the picture of coffee

 “It’s amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee.”

Maybe it's because coffee lovers love the richer and more nuanced taste of freshly brewed coffee, and there's enough time in the morning to brew the perfect cup. Or it could be because they want (or need) all the caffeine they can get from coffee. Also, maybe they are a coffee snob.

It's also possible that they don't know that instant coffee had come a long way since the days when mothers and grandmothers always kept bottles of instant coffee in the fridge and took out coffee pots when the company came.

But nowadays, there are many delicious instant coffees on the market; the best is organic.

What is instant coffee?

Instant ones are simply different from the standard coffee beans used to make coffee. Ground-up types may look similar, but they certainly don't work the same. Instant coffee is usually made using one of two different methods. The first method is to brew with traditional freshly brewed coffee. It is sprayed into a fine mist with scorching and dry air.

The second method is freeze-dried. This will display a stable coffee powder on the shelf with a label for adding hot water. Freeze-dried drinks and food are the easiest to revive. All you need is water.

Lazy Saturday became much more exciting by imagining a morning cup of instant coffee like a Kaldi Goats Coffees.

Instant coffee powder has its advantages, but mainly regarding durability. Moreover, it can last months longer than pre-ground coffee. If you're not a coffee taker or want to keep it handy in case you like it, a tightly sealed container of instant coffee can last for years.  

What is Micro-ground instant coffee?

The micro-ground instant coffee is not processed like other instant coffee. Other types are mixed into a thick paste and then cooled to -40 °C, as in the case of freeze-dried coffee, or dried using hot steam to make spray-dried coffee. These processes extract much of the natural oils and flavors of coffee. The leftover can be a bitter or inadequate replacement for the actual transaction.

Why is Micro-Ground Instant Coffee so unique?

The micro-ground coffee is very similar to regular ground coffee, only more refined. It melts when mixed with hot water, leaving a small amount of ground on the bottom of the cup.

Regular instant coffee vs. organic instant coffee

People drink coffee for many reasons. Taste, caffeine, and health benefits are the most important. They choose instant coffee mainly because of its convenience.

But why should they choose organic instant coffee instead of "regular" coffee?

For the same reason, they choose organic products.

Since pesticides, fungicides, and other dangerous chemicals are not used in organic farming. Organically grown coffee beans do not contain substances that can cause health problems. This is not a small thing. Non-organic coffee is the most sprayed crop grown for human consumption. Organic instant coffee is also non-GMO because using genetically modified organisms is prohibited by organic farming.

Organic products also generally contain large amounts of nutrients because they are not grown in soil that contains chemicals. And even those who drink environmentally friendly coffee prefer organic brands because organic farming is better for the farm, its workers, and the environment.

What is the taste?

There is no clear way to determine if organic coffee is better than non-organic brands, but many coffee drinkers vow to be cleaner and tastier than regular coffee. The same opinion is heard about organic instant coffee. It tastes better than non-organic matter and resembles freshly brewed coffee.

How to make regular and organic instant coffee?

Both regular and organic instant coffee is made using the same following process:

  1. Coffee beans are roasted to enhance the flavor and aroma.
  2. Use pressurized water to extract flavors and aromas.
  3. The flavor is then concentrated by evaporation or freeze concentration.
  4. Finally, lyophilization or spray drying.

Converts the concentrated flavors into granules.

Words for you

I hope you have gotten insight into what organic instant coffee is. If you are a coffee enthusiast, there is a golden opportunity for you to benefit from monthly subscription services from a trustworthy organic coffee brand.

Let’s give it a try today!